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Sandbox Studios has partnered with Foot on Necks to house our LA clients to deliver our mission in that market. Working with some of the biggest artist, production houses and sync agents. SandboxLA is focused on being a space where music business happens at the same high standard Sandbox Toronto dedicates itself to daily. High quality and still accessible, a safe and playful space for your imagination to play.

SandboxLA is led by CP Dubb, Christopher P. Washington, better known as C.P DUBB is a hip-hop, R&B and contemporary music producer from Los Angeles. Widely known best for his production on Tyga's "Make It Nasty" and French Montana's "Unforgettable". CP Dubb has also played a part in the Toronto music scene by developing a sound with Ramzriddlz, and putting work in with Tory Lanez. He’s just as invested in Toronto’s sound as he is his own native LA sound. These two cities, working together, to expand what’s possible for music, art, and creatives.

To book a session in LA email:

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